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RockIT Science for your stock

Using your sales data, our proprietary algorithm predicts your future sales and calculates your optimal stock holding whilst identifying qualifying stock you can turn into cash.

Cash for stock

We buy your qualifying stock and leave it with you on a consignment basis, ready to sell to customers.


Pay for the stock only when you sell it. No sales means no payments.

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Dirk Hildebrandt - Step South
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"As a supplier on Takealot, we have been able to utilise this kind of supply chain finance platform to great effect and improve our cash flow. Dealing with the RetailRockIT team has also been a pleasure, they are customer-focused and solution-orientated, and the set-up process was really simple. We would recommend RetailRockIT 100%, and suggest any other Takealot vendor look them up and consider using their products"
Christoff le Grange - Pacifrica
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"Pleasure to deal with and Excellent Service on a personal level"


Consignment stock is stock delivered to you by a supplier without you having to buy it first. You then market the stock and sell it to customers as if you had already purchased it. Only when you sell an item of consignment stock, do you need to pay your supplier for that item.
With consignment stock, you don’t need cash up front to buy stock from your supplier and, because you only pay for an item of consignment stock when you’ve sold it to a customer, you are able to match your income with your expenses, reducing the amount of working capital you need to run your business.
With consignment stock, the obligation to pay for the stock only arises when that stock is sold to customers, so if there are no sales, there are no payments. With stock on credit, you usually get a certain number of days to pay for the stock that has been delivered, whether you’ve sold it or not.
When RetailRockIT buys the stock from you, it is not delivered to us but stays exactly where it is in your supply chain as consignment stock and ready to sell to your customers. As your supplier has already been paid, all sales proceeds go to you, less the RockIT Cost (see What does it cost?).
We help you set up a new bank account to receive your sales distributions. This account is administered by a third party payments master (G-Pay) ensuring you receive your net sales revenue timeously and providing full transactional transparency.

RetailRockit charges a small markup per item of inventory when that item is sold to your customers. This markup is fixed upfront and doesn’t change, no matter what, so you’ll always know exactly what it costs. There are no other costs, fees or charges and no surprises.

Marketplace Sellers with fast-moving product lines wishing to grow their business without having to resort to expensive credit lines.
We eliminate the guesswork, helping you plan ahead and stock optimally to ensure you never miss a sale again.

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